Cashew Nuts Raw Of Sơn Thành

Cashew nuts raw of Sơn Thành Company mainly receives from Bình Phước region, where be prounded that one of the lands of cashew trees in Viet Nam and it can produce high quality products to meet the international standards of cashew nuts raw around the world.

Grade Of Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts is classified according to international standards base on three main criteria: Whole or broken nuts, size and color, then they are divided into different categories with different convention symbols.

Cashew Flavor

Vietnam is known as a highest exporting cashew nuts volume in the world. Thus, base on this position, cashew nuts of Vietnam can not lack of healthy parts, delicious and in a suitable price products.

Sơn Thành Cashew Nuts – Best Selling Products

While and wholes cashew nuts of Sơn Thành Company is uniform color, it can white or pale ivory, no black or brown spots on the nuts. The range of size is from 200 to 450 seeds/LBS, and meets the quality standard of AFI.

Benefits Of Cashew

Good blood pressure control, good for the heart. Cashew kernels are rich in oleic acid, which helps to improve cardiovascular disease and reduces triglyceride levels in blood. In addition, magnesium in cashew nuts can help reduce blood pressure as well prevent high blood pressure – heart attack. Coronary artery disease and cardiovascular risk can be reduced by regularly eating cashew nuts because it is low cholesterol and give antioxidants to the body

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